This was our home and now it is yours.

For over 34 years we have lived on this land. In 1982 we came to Pyes Pa to develop an export kiwifruit orchard, on the fertile volcanic ash that makes up the Pyes Pa plateau. It proved to be a particularly good environment for horticulture and production flourished. 

_49A1709_webWe brought up our two children within the Pyes Pa community, which provided a fabulous lifestyle matched with amazing opportunities.  It has been a great place for us to live and work.  In 2015 we decided it was time for a change and a new series of adventures.  With the assistance of Harrison Grierson we have developed our land into St. Thomas Estate.

Our dream is to create a boutique subdivision that is the embodiment of community, sense of place, security and design.  We want the future custodians of this land to enjoy the benefits of this special place, as much as we have.

From the street layout to the lot sizes and the design features, we have strived to create a subdivision to be proud of.  Its unique position, alongside Aquinas College, means you are close enough to the city to enjoy that beautiful balance between city and rural living.  A special proposition for all.

We have loved living here and we hope that you will enjoy it too.

Dave & Kathy Goodwin